DIY Home Projects With Rent Rite Equipment

Get those nagging #DIY projects checked off the list.

Make your life easier by renting the right piece of equipment for the job. Your back, and your wallet will thank you.

Fall is coming and you want to get the last #DIY projects done before winter. You can get all your projects complete with the right equipment rental.
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Scissor or Boom Lifts

Need to work up in the air? Got tall ceilings? Why take the time and pay for labor to put up and take down scaffolding, or climb up and down ladders? A Scissor or Boom Lift can do the job – safely & easily with no extra labor.

Anytime you would use a ladder, tower, or scaffolding – a scissor or boom lift could provide you better service, and safety – quickly and easily.
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Keep to your budget with Equipment Rental

Rent Rite Equipment can lower your labor costs

Competition to win projects is steep. Always fighting to be the low bid you have to look at all angles. Once you land the contract, now, you’ve got a tight budget to keep. Construction project managers and supervisors have to be mindful daily of cost overruns and delays. Equipment rental can be the efficient way to assure that your bottom line is in the black and your project is on schedule.
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Large or Small Jobs – Equipment Rental is Effective and Efficient

Want to bid on a job, but don’t have the necessary equipment? Need more equipment than you have on hand? Call Rent Rite Equipment Rental 847-640-8860. Electricians, Plumbers and Tradesmen save time and money by renting equipment instead of buying it. Equipment rental allows you to free up capital for other uses. When you only need the equipment for intermittent use, equipment rental is the way to go.
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6 Ways Commercial and Residential Plumbing Contractors Can Save Time and Money on Your Project

We’ve all been there! Hurry up and wait… you get to a job site and find out the equipment isn’t there. Worse yet, you come across a problem that you didn’t expect and don’t have the right equipment. The pros at Rent Rite Equipment have been there, we have a solution to many of the problems you face on the job. We’ll even deliver the tools to you, so you can stay productive while we drive. Below, we’ve outlined just a few of the solutions we can provide to keep you on the job. Save time and money with Rent Rite Equipment.
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